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Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

Some people say we're crazy for offering a full 90 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. 

We think it's just how we would want to be treated ourselves if we were in your position. 

We assume that you probably aren't familiar with Sound Therapy yet.  We know that for some of you, the only way you'll try it is if we take away all the risk. So we did!

We give you a full 90 days to really try it out, which is more than enough time to know with absolute confidence that it works.  And if for whatever reason it doesn't, we don't want your money.

If you're not completely 100% satisfied we will refund you 100% with no questions, hassles or hard feelings.

We just want you to be healthy, happy and whole.

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This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was specifically designed to assist your body to overcome Tinnitus

So you have Tinnitus and it’s driving you crazy. 

  • You have buzzing, humming or squealing in your ears. 
  • Sometimes it moves from your left ear to your right ear.  
  • Sometimes the noise is in both ears. 
  • You can’t concentrate like you used to. 
  • You find yourself reading lips when you are with a group. 

 If this sounds like your life, you’re not alone. There are millions of people in the world that have Tinnitus. Now what did your doctor tell you about what you can do for your Tinnitus? 

  • Live with it. 
  • Try to ignore it, but it won’t go away. 
  • Buy some expensive ear plugs that make another noise to mask the one you already have. 
  • Try supplements.  
  • Go to the Chiropractor or try Acupuncture       

But nothing seemed to work, did it. Oh, maybe a few things seemed to help for a little bit, but it never went away. 

Welcome to Universal Sound Therapy, we deal with Tinnitus. For the past five years we have been helping our clients with all sorts of issues and this is the one that we seem to hear a lot of talk about. It's a very frustrating disease and is caused by many different things. Our CD therapy session on Tinnitus has proven to be very successful with our clients because it: 

  • Helps reduce any tension you may have 
  • Relaxes your body and mind 
  • Helps your body to reduce and/or eliminate the ringing in your ears
  • Helps your body feel better again 
  • Helps your body heal itself 

With our CD reminding your body where it's correct frequencies should be and our 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, you can't lose!


  Please remember that all reviews need to be approved by the company before they are published.
Reviewer: Ron. Yeomans from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Hi Folks...Its been almost 2 years since I first investigated Universal Sound Therapy. I must confess, I was suspicious about any treatment that didn't include medication or surgery. I thankfully stuck with the program beyond the 6 month guarantee period. Encouragment from Dick proved most benenfical. My Tinnitus is still present, but at greatly reduced intensity. I have to consciously think about it to determine whether its still there. It is currently manifested as a soft wind..not anything like before when it was whistle overlade with a hiss that is similar to the sound one hears when listening to a radio that has gone off the air. I still find myself using the disc occasionally at the end of a stressfuly day. I simply use the earbuds at bed time, and drift off to sleep. Patience has been the key in my case..Thanks Dick and others associated with Universal Sound Therapy..
Reviewer: David G from NY, NY
It's been about 3 horrible months since the noises, a high pitched hissing sound something like static, first started inside my head. Being an MD physician myself, used to being in control of treating medical conditions, it was disconcerting, initially frightening and even depressing to say the least. At times it made it more difficult for me to work, to sleep or just relax, since the sounds were loud and constant, 24/7 although somewhat better in the shower. I went to my ENT doc and audiologist, had all kinds of tests and scans, took steroids, and was finally told that I had tinnitus like 30 - 40 million other people and to just learn to live with it for the rest of my life. Loud noises started to hurt my ears and I couldn't go out to certain places because of it - my world was beginning to shrink, and I deeply resented it. Then my wife and I quickly went on a search to read all the books and articles we could find on the topic from med research and fellow sufferers to empower me with an abundance of knowledge but not with reduced noise. I bought and downloaded from the net a variety of masking sounds (waterfalls, surf waves, pink-white-brown noise, rainforests, etc), and used sound boxes, and air purifiers to try to get some sense of temporary relief. Then I embarked on a compulsive journey to take over 40 herbs / vitamin pills everyday in 3 divided daily doses, which I still continue to take. But the noise continued pretty much as before. And finally, I came across this retraining CD from Universal Sound Therapy and with some initial skepticism, I decided to try it every day. Now only 4 weeks later, my noises are almost completely gone most all of the time. Whether its the accumulation of all the pills and this CD together or just the CD alone, I'll never know for sure. BUT I do know this, very soon after I started to listen to the CD after 2 months on over 40 pills/day, the sounds did lessen dramatically and kept getting quieter until they finally stopped by just the 4th day of CD retaining!! From that day on I have had almost no noises at all for each of the last 30 out of the last 37 days!! And on the remaining 7 days with noise, the noise levels have been much lower and intermittent and much more tolerable. Almost total quiet for the last 37 days has been really blissful. The treatment seems to keep getting stronger, even when I skip treatment days, so I am now confident that the noises will completely abate soon. I don't know if the sounds will eventually ever come back or not, but at least I have the security of having the tools to get rid of them if they do return. I think it would be sad and unfortunate for all tinnitus sufferers to overlook at least trying this invaluable and risk free CD. Thankfully for me, unconventional techniques such as this are available to all. I hope many other tinnitus sufferers also get the same benefit that I've gotten. Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of this journey for me is the feeling of sheer empowerment to be able to change, decrease, and even eliminate a condition that is considered by most professionals to be chronic and lifelong. To the producers of this technique and CD, I say simply, thank you. You have helped me immensely and for that I am very, very grateful. I have since purchased 2 other CDs from UST for unrelated problems for other members of my family. If they work half as well as this CD has worked for me, I will be very satisfied indeed. David G, from NY
Reviewer: Erika from San Diego, Ca
Universal Sound Therapy provides excellent customer service and excellent products. The owners are very professional, kind and compassionate. I recommend these CD's to friends in San Diego all the time. Thank you very much.
Reviewer: Alex O from Tamarac, FL
THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!!! TRY IT!! Here's my story. I hope you don't get bored reading it. My name is Alex O. I live in South Florida. I am a 39 year old man, a very healthy 39 year old man according to the slew of medical tests I had done after my tinnitus started on Sept 16th 2012, a mere week after my b-day! Fun! (not!!) I woke up Sunday morning (09/16) with a ringing in my left ear. Exactly a week earlier, a right ear ringing had woken me up and by mid morning it was all gone, so I thought this new ringing was too a temporary thing. I was wrong. That Sunday evening I was able to sleep, I guess from hoping that the next morning I would wake up fresh and ringing free... Did not happen. The noise was intermittent at times, then sustained, then a combination of the two. At night time it felt as if my ears were clogged and the sound was taking over and my head felt like it was going to explode... Very dramatic, but true. The next 7 weeks can be resumed by: little sleep, loss of appetite, depression, doctor appointments and their respective tests and bills: 2 ENT's, 2 audiologists, 1 general practice, 1 physical exam with blood tests and they all resulted in an all healthy comment: "nothing is wrong with you, got to get used to the ringing" type of diagnostics and a lot of Theraflu teas and Benadryl pills to be able to sleep through most the night. Very disheartening I can tell you... I assume if you are reading these comments is because you have gone through the same and have heard the same or similar answers, despite your overall health. I started taking all sorts of vitamins, whatever people suggested on line I took... Even Ginkgo ear drops that amounted to nothing. My right ear started to ring as well, although less time and much less obvious than the left ear. In my quest for an online miracle cure, I stumbled upon this web site and also found a blog in a different web page from some else who stated how great Sound Therapy had worked for them. I wanted to give the vitamin intake and my body some extra time to heal naturally and after almost two months of no results, I finally decided to call on Oct 29th to place an order for a CD. I had a good chat with Dick Rhoades, asked him what I though was relevant to my case and ordered the CD. I mentioned I had an i-pod and he volunteered to send me an MP3 copy of the therapy via email which was going to be in faster than the CD, which I still received by regular mail a few days later. Now, I know that if I were reading the next few lines I would be shaking my head in disbelief. I guess you need to try the therapy to see how you react to it... As soon as I received the email with the MP3 link, I activated it on my I-Touch and started to listen to it... Eager to see if this was as good as I wanted it to be. As soon as I finished the 1 hour therapy, I felt that the tension, the stress and anxiety had almost vanished. The ringing was fainter, but still present. I know I wanted it to work but this fast, I am not sure that any placebo effect theory works that fast so I know this is no placebo effect. I kept on hearing the ringing that day, of course, but at a much lower volume... I though that was just wishful thinking, mind over matter. Somehow, I had developed this love-hate relationship with my tinnitus that If at any time I could not hear it, instead of just enjoying the moment, I simply marched to the quietest room in the house, locked myself in and pressed my fingers against my ears to hear the tinnitus... And surely enough, there it was. In any case, I am using the therapy twice daily from that day on and today I start my 3rd week since I bought the CD and the ringing has dissipated, and although it has not gone and I still hear, I can simply ignore it and not feel ANY stress or anxiety about it. I am able to fall asleep with no sleep aid medication (at night time it still intensifies a little more but nothing compared to the 1st few weeks) and I wake up only once a night, but even before the tinnitus I was waking up several times so, I assume it is just a mild sleep disorder of mine... I will continue this therapy with great hope that the ringing in my ear will surely go away in a few months. I would recommend this therapy to all that need it... If it does not work for you, I recommend you inquire about the money back offer the website has... In my case it is working just as well as I hoped. Good luck to you all!!! Alex.
Reviewer: Jennifer Sheffield from Bessemer, Alabama
Thanks for the fast refund. My husband wouldn't take the time to listen to it. I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
Reviewer: scott from ma from norwood, ma
This works good just started it and noticed a differance. Hope it does what the other reveiwer say it does.
Reviewer: Laura Pierce from Belchertown, MA
I had Tinnitus and Hyperacusis (everything sounds painfully loud) for about 2 months. Being a musician and teacher this is particularly upsetting when it interferes with my ability to teach and perform. Craniosacral therapy and homeopathic remedies helped for awhile but the symptoms kept coming back. I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who told me no one knows what causes tinnitus or how to get rid of it and that I just have to learn to live with it. He gave me a nice little brochure with info about Tinnitus . There's Tinnitis Retraining Therapy (called sound therapy) which is just an expensive program that introduces other sounds to mask the sounds in your head and offers ways to get habituated to it. This didn't interest me at all as I was determined to feel normal again. A friend of mine was having Tinnitus as well and she discovered the Universal Sound Therapy web site. When she recommend these CDs for $47.00 from with a 90 day money back guarantee it was a no-brainer to give it a try. After speaking to Dick on the phone and discovering his own experience with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis and how the CDs helped him I was sure this was going to be the solution for me. I alternated between the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis CDs each day. I found I could put the headphones on top of my head while sleeping so it took no extra time to use them. Within about two weeks my symptoms were almost completely gone. Now it has been about a month and a half and the only symptom I have is a very faint high overtone sound which isn't bothersome and I know will go away in time. A couple of weeks ago I bumped the back of my head coming out of our cellar and a little while later was experiencing the Hyperacusis and a different type of ringing tone. I just kept using the CDs a lot for the next couple of days and then I was fine again. It's so reassuring to feel this problem can be overcome. Since talking with people about my tinnitus I have discovered many other people who have it. It's amazing how many people just go on for years living with it. And there don't seem to be any other effective ways of healing from it. I am so excited about this form of therapy. I ordered other CDs for my husband and I to heal other parts of our bodies. We are having good success with those too. I am very thankful to the folks at Universal Sound Therapy for making this available to people. It's a great service!!
Reviewer: Bibi from Brooklyn, NY
My husband found Universal Sound Therapy on the web while I was in the waiting room at my doctors office full of tears/anxiety/depression over this newly high pitched ringing in my ears that would not go away for several weeks. My husband read the reviews from this page to me on over the phone, and of course I asked if there was overnight shipping available? =) I have been using this cd for about 5 weeks now. My tinnitus has not diminished but my anxiety and deppression over it has gotten way better. The ringing volume has decreased though. Not sure if it will ever go away but I'm not giving up on this cd just yet and I'm thankful for what it has done already. For the producers of this cd, I thank you greatly and ask that you include an option for overnight shipping.
Reviewer: a.battle from anheim, ca.
My tinnitus has been horrible for almost 2 years. It has been almost 3 weeks and what i really really love adout the cd is when my tinniuts is at the loud stage, i put the cd on and its like a battle that the cd wins every time.i know i have a ways to go but the cd tinnitus really brings me relief. My tinnitus on scale of 1 to 10 is way past 10, some nights i play the cd all night, that's the only way i can sleep. thank-you thank-you thanks
Reviewer: Candyce G. from NY, NY
Your CD for Tinnitus has made a huge difference in my husband's life. His symptoms are almost gone since using your program for about 4 weeks now and quite frankly, it seems like a miracle. We are both very grateful for this safe and effective technology. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Reviewer: James Stone from Tukwila, WA
I couldn't be more pleased. I tried everything (except surgery) to cure my tinnitus. Tried the pills - didn't work. Tried changing my diet - didn't work. Tried sound masking (which I initially thought this was going to be) and that didn't work either. Finally I found this. Almost didn't give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did. My life is SO much better now. Thank you!
Reviewer: Virginia W. from Chicago, IL
The sound therapy has improved things, but I really hoped it would work faster. I've been using it for 1 month.
Reviewer: Megan Wathen from Little Rock, AR
The ringing in my ears got bad after working in a factory for 7 years. 2 weeks after starting this it started to get better. Almost completely gone now (after 6 weeks). Very happy!
Reviewer: Michael Jones from Chauncey, GA
This fixed my tinnitus.
Reviewer: Linda Christian from Muskegon, MI
My husband had really bad tinnitus. He was always asking me to repeat myself (which got annoying). I bought this for him and he's been listening to it for 3 months now. He hears things much more clearly now. I definitely recommend this to everyone who has tinnitus.
Reviewer: Dave L from Dallas, TX
I was skeptical that sound therapy could help my tinnitus because I've never really heard about it before. I've had ear ringing for years and everything else I've ever tried didn't really do much. After listening to the CD, I noticed a big change after 2 weeks and then it finally went away completely after 2 months. Thank you so much for this.

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